A Code Of Ethics Should Do More Than Establish Minimum Acceptable Standards

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Yes I agreed with the authors that a code of ethics should do more than establish minimum acceptable standards. As noted that, ethical behavior in any profession is about making correct judgment or decision that are based on established code of ethics. Businesses always drive the behavior that is expected in an organization. Successful businesses try to build high ethical culture from the top management level to the lowest and setting the standards for acceptable and unacceptable conduct in an organization. Accountants are relied upon to be trustworthy and maintain high ethical standards. It is because of the nature of the profession that puts them in a position of trust with people who rely on their professional judgment and guidance in making decisions. These decisions are extremely important in accounting and more so that companies that have high ethical standard or main good ethical culture spend enormous time to train the staffs about the conduct that is expected of them. Accountants are held to a higher ethical standards and they must performed their duties in compliance with standards or ethical values of honesty, integrity, objectivity, due care, confidentiality, which must be fully committed to. They must put clients or public interest first before their own. They must have and ethical values and maintain those values way beyond what the society or the company’s code of ethic. It is important that accountants’ behavior or ethical values is in conformity with the

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