A Code Of Practise Is All Health Care Professionals Being Regulated By Their Own Governing Body

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A code of practise is all health care professionals being regulated by their own governing body. The governing body set out guidelines on professional conduct in order to uphold the professionalism and give the best possible care to patients. To follow these will create a positive care environment as it allows all patients to receive the same high standards of care as they have set rules and regulations to follow. An example of a code practise is the NMC this stands for Nursing Midwifery Council. The NMC exist to safe guard the health and wellbeing of the public. They also set standards of education, training conduct and performance to help nurses and midwives can deliver high quality healthcare consistently throughout their careers. They…show more content…
They must respect the choices patients make even if they have a different opinion on the subject. For example, a patient may be a Jehovah’s’ witness and they may need a blood transfusion, however if it is against their beliefs to have another patient’s blood used to sustain their life, they can have a specific but riskier procedure that uses their own blood that is taken from their body put back into them, the nurses cannot force the patients to have a blood transfusion; they must ensure they gain consent before carrying out any medical examinations or procedures. Without the consent of the patient, they must respect their wishes and treat them without the blood transfusion. Nurses and midwives are not allowed to carry out family or friends wishes on the patient if the patient does not wish for it to happen. In certain circumstances for example, if patients are unable to answer or understand what is going to happen or what the situation is, then the patients family or social worker may answer on behalf of them in their best interests. The patient must be respected and nurses and midwives are not allowed to interfere, they are expected to carry out procedures the patients are comfortable with. This creates a positive care environment because patients know that their decisions are not being questioned or judged and they get the correct treatment or advice. Both nurses and midwives should reassure the patients to show that what they
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