A Cold, Brittle Wind Blew The Front Door Open

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The chill of a cold, brittle wind blew the front door open just as the two gentlemen and gentlewoman approached the front walk. The men were all of a leisurely persuasion and the young lady was a stray sort even after all this time. Time had cut through the hardness and briskness of their demeanor. This was a grand occasion as they had been invited to dine with one of their colleagues. The home was legend in their world and was owned by a one Nathaniel Hawthorne, a prolific author. Hawthorne gave The Wayside the name by which it is still known. The Wayside built in 1714 is a typical New England two story wood frame house, in Concord, Massachusetts. Before Hawthorne bought it, the house belonged to the Alcott family, who names it “Hillside.” Here, Louisa May Alcott and her sisters lived much of their childhood described in Little Women. With that much literary history in the home, it was the perfect place to hold a dinner party. Mr. E. A Poe, his proud and beautiful head erect, his dark eyes flashing with the elective light of feeling and of thought, a peculiar, an inimitable blending of sweetness and hauteur in his expression and manner, greeted his guests into the front parlor as they waited for the dinner to commence. The gentlemen were attired in a black frockcoat with a shite shirts and black cravats, tied somewhat loosely. There were a certain cool, stale smell about the room but this did not seem to discern the guests. As they glided into the front room a single card

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