A Cold Child Research Paper

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Everyone thinks that being considered the "perfect child" or the "ideal child" means that they have the best, happy life anyone could ask for but in reality, it’s the complete opposite. For starters, if you have successful parents you are usually given the task to live up to their expectations. With the exception of giving you the amount of pressure no one can handle, especially for a 16-year old girl like me. Then, you have a mom that pretty much controls your whole life and is almost everywhere you go, which is technically a helicopter parent I guess you could say. It's like you’re trapped in your own little world by your own mom and there is no chance of you getting out. I, Bethany Johnson, have experienced the harsh, cold reality of being a "perfect child". I'm currently walking home from school in the cold, windy streets of Greenwich Village in New York City. It's fall season right now, so it gets pretty chilly around here. I’m currently wearing a gray beanie with my brown, wavy hair placed down, my cozy white knitted sweater, and my blue denim jeans that lead down to my comfy black uggs. I looked at the beautiful sight around me, smelling the coffee beans and feeling the fresh autumn breeze on my face. There were many…show more content…
In that time, I never really knew what happened. I would always question my mom but she told that he had business to take care of. But one night, I saw my mom crying and I went to comfort her only to see she was holding a picture of my dad. Then, I connected all the pieces together and finally figured it out. I never got to spend time with him since he was always on business trips, and now I never will. After my dad died, my mom changed. She was more controlling over me than ever and hovering me most of the time. I knew why though, she didn’t want to lose me the way she did with dad. That’s why I don’t complain that much because I know inside she still misses him and I do
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