A Cold Glass Of Juice

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I am not at all saying that Boethius maintains both claims (man 's historical content is both planned and not planned), though I would ask him exactly that question if only I could! To my way of thinking, its like if we were to say that I wanted to have a cold glass of apple juice at 3PM on Thursday, but you passed by the apple orchard and brought me lemons. That 's OK, though, because I turned it around and made Blue Ribbon-winning lemonade--it doesn 't matter because all I really wanted was a cold glass of juice.

Let 's imagine we are all members of a symphony orchestra. We know our instruments, we have our sheet music, and we have direction from the maestro. As we begin to play the 1812 overture, I (a bass cellist, by the way) exercise my free will and break into a jazz riff. All the other members play exquisitely and per the maestro 's direction, and so their work is good and in concert. There are essentially three quick options to deal with me: 1) quietly remove me from the pit; 2) conduct the other members to overplay me; or 3) spin the composition around to a modern Jazz sound, effectively turning my bad act into something ultimately good and satisfying (If one likes Jazz music, at least).

This is the kind of free will Boethius give us, and it isn 't too different from the machinations of the gods to keep Odysseus ' ship off course in order to force the divine plan for the crew and its captain-general and the 10 year journey to Ithaca.

I argue that Christian…

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