A Collect Of Thoughts : Excerpts Of Elaine 's Brian Essay

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A Collect of Thoughts: Excerpts of Elaine’s Brian In the year 1990, this world was given a very impeccable and interesting person. Her name is Xue Wu, but she is also well known by the name Elaine. She was born and raised in Shenyang, which is a booming city that boarders the Yellow Sea and North Korea in the northeast of China. To understand how big of a city Shenyang is, understand that its population is approximately the same as Wisconsin but in one-thirteenth of the squared mileage. Elaine is an only child and grew up living with her parents and grandparents. After graduating high school, Elaine studied Japanese at a college in China. A bad relationship in college left her wanting a change and feeling like she “needed space to breath.” This lead her to the decision to travel the United States of America with the hope and intention to further her education. She now resides in Racine, Wisconsin with her host family. She is also learning more about the American culture by studying human services at Gateway Technical College. Elaine’s history and background have proven to allow her to develop and extremely valuable and unique prospective on this world and the many different ways of life. Xue Wu grew up living the busy, big city life in Shenyang, China. She lived with her parents and her grandparents on her mother’s side. She looks back fondly upon her childhood. Elaine remembered that while in elementary school, her father would typically be the one to drive her to school.
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