A Collection Of Experiences, Skills And Knowledge Gained During The Jesuit Refugee Service

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A collection of experiences, skills and knowledge gained during an international law internship in
7 December 2014- 20 February 2015

Sabrina Caldalano


On 7th December 2014 I undertook an 11-week internship in Cambodia with the Jesuit Refugee Service. The internship was arranged through Macquarie University’s Participation and Community Engagement (PACE) program, and undertaken for academic credit as part of the Bachelor of Laws study program.
Australian Volunteers International (AVI) partnered with PACE to offer logistical assistance and student training. Pre and post departure training involved modules such as working ethically in developing countries, building cultural sensitivity, and developing self-care practices. In-country training modules included Cambodia’s history, current political and social movements, and law and governance in Cambodia. Weekly Khmer language lessons were also undertaken while in Cambodia.
The internship was offered to twelve law students who demonstrated academic competency and a broad range of personal attributes including interpersonal and communication skills, commitment to teamwork, cultural sensitivity, leadership, personal drive and motivation. The internship was predominately based in Phnom Penh, and involved travel to Siam Reap, Battambang, and Ratanakiri provinces.
This portfolio documents the work undertaken and knowledge gained while conducting legal research at the Jesuit Refugee Service. It…
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