A College Degree : A Symbol Of Long Lasting Prosperity

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A college degree: a symbol of long-lasting prosperity. After my secret closet’s prayer time with God, I woke up to what God wanted. I learned that I was on the wrong side of prosperity; my side of the street, not God’s divine side. The modern society causes us to put together our own plans. We think our plans will lead us toward our success, but God has His own plan, and when we stop and think about it, His Plan leads to real successful achievement. The enemy makes us think, if we don’t get success the way the world tells us, nothing else matters. For instance, one evening, as I sat at my computer because I couldn’t find work, I told the Lord I felt like a failure. The Spirit of the Lord told me to identify what I thought…show more content…
My friend, our world defines a successor as a person whose who owns lots of financial riches, or an individual whose life is connected to personal power. The loud sparkle of the powerful spotlight means the person has embraced fame; however, as we take our college education journey without Christ, He may allow us to get a lot of money and fame, but if our heart is not centered upon putting Him first, or helping other people, we will miss the whole concept of what having a career success really means. I learned that the wise college student defines his or her career success to their success in Jesus Christ. I am reminded of a King whose name is Solomon. He reigned over Gibeon, a place in Palestine. King Solomon was best known for releasing his own desire first, just to gain divine wisdom from God. One night after King Solomon fell asleep. God visited him in a dream and asked him what he wanted from Him. Can you imagine God, visiting you in a dream, and asking you what do you want? If you’re like me, you might say something similar to a college degree that will unlock a six figure job, or lots of money. These materialistic amenities did not excite King Solomon. In fact, he told God that he wanted “An
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