A Colored Girl By Zora Neale Hurston

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Speaker Zora Neale Hurston is the speaker of this article, who is a colored girl growing up in a small Negro town in Florida named Eatonville. When she moved to Jacksonville, she realized what it was actually like being a colored girl in the outside world. Nevertheless, she was really proud of her ethnicity and disregarded all criticism. Occasion When Zora lived in the small Negro town- Eatonville, she hardly noticed any differences between blacks and whites. However, after moving to Jacksonville at the age of thirteen, she expanded her horizon and became to notice the huge differences between blacks and whites. She realized that blacks were still slightly discriminated by other races on the outside world even after decades of desegregation. For example, when whites pointed out the fact that she was the granddaughter of slaves, she clearly expressed the blacks were moving forward and were no longer the subject of discrimination. She felt like as a colored girl, she was not being treated equally by other races. This had prompted her to write this article and express the unfairness of racism in our society today. Audience This article clearly illustrates the inequality of races in our society. It is directed to whites who still perceive blacks as “grandsons” and “granddaughters of slaves”. She also wrote this article in order urge the blacks to work harder and believe in themselves. Purpose Zora’s purpose in writing this article is to inform the whites that the blacks are
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