A Comentary on Domestic Abuse

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a. The thing that surprised me the most about Telling Amy’s Story, was not from the actual video itself, but from the follow-up discussion video. When the lady who is the head of the National Domestic Violence Hotline, Cathy Cates, relayed what someone who was an abuser said to her. In a nutshell he told her, while slamming his partner’s head on a bureau, that he was thinking he could do it, it works to give him what he wanted from the partner, and that there were no consequences. b. I felt angry, frustrated, helpless, shocked, etc. I mostly feel angry, all of it directed at Amy’s husband and others like him who abuse people. I find it hard to deal with the fact that the abusers think that there are no consequences and agree that we, as a community, should end that sentiment. I also feel that we really should do more to reach out to the people victimized by the violence of their abusers. We need to show them that they are important and we care what happens to them, that we are here to help them get through and past this situation and will not stop helping them as long as they need us. 2. I disagree with the sentence the judge gave, but understand why it was the one given to Wendy Maldonado. She took a plea deal, which included the rather harsh sentence she received. I also understand that because of this plea and fact that in Oregon one has to be in imminent danger to claim self-defense or justifiable homicide, and because Aaron was asleep when she and Randy

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