A Comfortable Silence Fell As The Tall Grass

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A comfortable silence fell as the tall grass swayed in the view of the headlights. Even from inside the truck, crickets and frogs could be heard singing. It was a beautiful clear night and the stars were sparkling against the black sky.
“Your parents haven’t changed at all,” I said, breaking the nighttime symphony.
“Yeah. They’re pretty incredible. They were so excited to see you and babysit Mikayla.”
“Your mom helped me with my hair. It was very sweet.”
“She’s always liked you, even before we first started dating.”
“Funny, she said the same thing about you,” I smiled, looking over at him.
Even in the dark, I could see the blush on his cheeks.
“They were always so sweet together. It’s good to see they still are,” I continued, saving him.
“Yeah. They gave me pretty high expectations of love and romance. They’re like a real live fairytale. High school sweethearts, married, family, still in love after all these years. That’s a tall order to live up to. Maybe that’s why I’m still single.”
“I’m not sure I ever believed in fairytales. The thought of one person and one soul mate terrifies me. And clearly, there’s never been a fairy tale about a princess like me. Not that I’m a princess,” I clarified. “I’m not. Not even close. And that’s okay. I’m not a damsel in distress or a heroine that saves the day. I’m more of a supporting character in the fairytale, like the girl feeding the chickens in the background when the prince rides up on his white horse. Not that I’m complaining. I…

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