A Common Agreement Within The World That Deals With Men And Men

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There is a common agreement within the world that deals with men and women being very different. Along with the many physical characteristics that are distinct, it is also known that men and women think differently as well and may have different reasons for their actions. Mary Harris is a researcher and the author of “Cholas, Mexican-American Girls, and Gangs”, within her research she has conducted various interviews with females in gangs. From her research she has came to the conclusion that for girls, “Gang member’s behavior is determined by social structures and group culture by defining the perspective and attitude of the girl gang” (Harris 301). In other words, Harris is explaining that peer groups, such as gangs, to females tend to have a powerful influence on them by having certain rules, values, and disciplinary actions. As these females further become members they tend to create cooperativeness which then leads them into a feeling of doing anything for the gang and its members. “For these girls, violence is conforming behavior shaped by the normative standards of the subculture” (Harris 301). Throughout Harris’ interviews she was able to identify that youth deviance in females is created through the constant conforming behavior that is upheld by the members. The conforming of norms within the gang such as being more violent is very common. The reasons for youth deviance for females in a gang is because of wanting more territory, be in control, and to gain power and

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