A Common Fear Of Population Growth

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It’s a common fear that population growth will exhaust resources and result in social or economic disaster if it is not controlled. It is anticipated that most of the projected population growth during this century will take place in developing nations. These countries have faced many challenges in recent years, including low levels of education, poor health standards, scarcity, limited housing, natural resource exhaustion, strife, and monetary and governmental command by other countries. In places like Africa, industrial development has stalled and most workers still make a living from survival agriculture. The association between population and the environment is a complicated one, human cultures’ bearings on the environment are a…show more content…
Mostly they focused their attention on teaching married couples about birth control and dispensing contraceptives, but some programs took more coercive approaches. China imposed a limit of one child per family in 1979, with two children allowed in special cases (Price, 1999).
Large societies obviously consume more supplies than small ones, but depletion patterns and technology selections may report for more environmental harms than pure digits of people. The U.S. population is about one-fourth as large as that of China or India, but the United States currently uses far more energy because Americans are wealthier and use their prosperity to buy energy-intensive goods like automobiles and electronics (Arrow & et al, 1995). However, China and India are developing and becoming more prosperous, so their ecological effects will increase because of both population expansion and consumption levels in the next several years. As income increases and technologies diffuse through society, purchasers start to value environmental quality more greatly and become more able to pay for it.
Carrying capacity is a term derived from ecology, its defined as the maximum number of beings a habitat can sustain indeterminately without destroying the resources. For most species, there are four variables that influence the calculating of carrying capacity:
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