A Common Question About My Parent 's Nationality

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A common question people like to ask is “Where are you from?” I’ve always wrestled with how to properly answer this question. I didn’t know if I should answer with my birth place, my parent’s nationality or the area I spent most of premature life at. My family have moved a lot over our life time, so much that people started to question if my parents where in the military moving from base to base. But they weren’t, my parents emigrated from Nigeria to America in the mid 1980’s. Their first stop in America was Dallas, Texas. In Dallas my mother gave birth to both of my older sisters. My family struggled for a well before I was born. My mother worked as a cleaning lady in a hotel and my father was an ice-cream man driver. After 7 years of the hot state which is Texas, my parents decide to go north and move to Minneapolis, Minnesota in pursuit of having better education and career options, so they could properly take care of the family. On September, 24, 1994 I was born in Children’s Hospital of Minneapolis, Minnesota, but nearly a year later my family was the road again. After I turned 1 years old, I and my family move to Tulsa, Oklahoma. We came to Tulsa because both my parents once again found better career jobs as Nurses. I spent a short amount of time in Tulsa. I started preschool at key elementary. I made good friends in my preschool but those friendships where short loved because after I turned about 4 years old, me and my family where back on the road again. This time
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