A Communicative Approach to Language Teaching

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Communicative Approach to Language Teaching Objective The objective of this study is to examine the general context of the communicative approach in language teaching and describe the key features of a communicatively innovative approach with a focus on form and to describe in detail four central elements of an innovative and progressive approach to second language teaching. This work will additionally discuss the challenges found in relation to the application of these two elements. Introduction The work of Ellis (2000) reports, that Second Language Acquisition (SLA) "…is a sub-discipline of linguistics", stated to be a very young field of study. According to Ellis it is agreed upon by many researchers in the field that "…the late sixties marked the onset of an intense period of empirical and theoretical interest in how second languages are acquired." (2000) The work of O'Laoire (nd) reports that in recent years there has been a great deal of focus on learning the Irish language "within the context of immersion bilingual programs" and that these type studies have "emphasized the value-added cognitive dimension of studying Irish within an immersion education context with findings that are consonant with bilingual programs elsewhere." (nd, p.1) However, it is reported as well that a serious challenge is present for the learner of Irish due to "…the distribution of Irish speaking networks." (O'Laire, nd, p.1) I. The Communicative Syllabi The Communicative syllabi is
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