A Community Assessment Of 70806 Baton Rouge

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A Community Assessment of 70806 Baton Rouge.
The 70806 of Baton Rouge, LA consists of a diverse community of college students, low income and middle class income areas. Driving through the community reveals income inequality, poverty and opulence, homelessness and extravagant houses, healthy youth and elderly sick individuals. It was a challenge to assess the 70806 due to the great diversity but a much greater challenge to come up with viable.
Description of the Community
The community of 70806 has land area of approximately 8.9 square miles. It is bordered by 70806 Choctaw road to the North, old Hammond highway to the 70806, Park Boulevard to the East, and airline highway to the West (Appendix A). Baton Rouge was founded by the French in 1719 as a military post and is the second largest city in Louisiana. Archeological evidence shows habitation dating back to 8000 B.C. Also located in the 70806 is the Baton Rouge community college.
The 70806 has a population of 28,706. The median age of 34.7 years. years of age with the majority of the population filling up the younger ages between 19 and 24. There are 55 percent females than males in this area. The two main ethnicity groups are Caucasian and African American. The highest is African Americans at 49 percent. The second highest group Caucasian with a total of 47percent. 5 percent of the residents are foreign born. (American Fact Finder, 2000).
The difference in the socioeconomic status lies in the wide…
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