A Community Based Change Initiative

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According to Anderson (2004) the theory of change encompasses the little steps that lead to the overall goal; it connects the activities to the outcomes. A community based change initiative (CCI) is focused on addressing the needs of a special population or a large range that looks at community issues that require change. According to the research of the roundtable prior to implementing strategies it is essential identify outcomes because they are the driving force of the strategies. The results of a theory of change approach is contingent on how well the long term outcome is identified (Anderson, 2004). During the process leadership and a clear overall results are essential to bring the community together and address the needs of the community. It is essential for organization to move forward with a strategic plan that addresses purpose, goals and aligns with the community at large (Bryson, 2010). Brown (2010) emphasized the difference in strategic planning and strategic management and the steps to effectively move the process, which includes an array of community players. Research supports the benefits of the collaborative approach, looking within and outside of your organization when developing a strategic plan because of the benefits for cross sector (Bryson, Crosby, Stone, 2006). The ability to link two or more sectors, ultimately, if well thought out will benefit the public interest. The cross-sector collaborative effort adds a broader view to interconnected
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