A Community Health Worker Or Wellness Consultant

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Unit 4 Assignment Among the vast jobs available in the world, I can honestly say I’m beyond excited to get my degree and pursue my dream of helping others as a community health worker or wellness consultant. My passion lies in helping others to carry out healthier lives. A community health worker plays numerous roles and can work in not only a hospital or healthcare setting, but also with individuals or in the community. A list of what the job would entail could include conducting an outreach program, providing counseling and social support, educating people about healthcare services, and discussing health concerns with community members (Bureau of Labor Statistics, 2015). Recently, I learned something interesting that I hadn’t thought that the profession might include and I thought it would be really rewarding. On the job I might be able to identify with high-risk groups like minorities populations, low-income populations, or pregnant women. It will be extremely fulfilling coaching or counseling the people in my small community. As this job can serve in numerous positions, it would most likely depend on the employer and my exact position as to what educational requirements would suffice. Most employers only require a high school diploma or equivalent but some require at least an associate’s degree. I want to be as knowledgeable as I can in my profession so my Bachelor’s degree from Kaplan University will assist with that. Along with my Bachelor of Science in Health and
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