A Community Is An Area Of Group Of People Who Has And Share Things

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A community is an area of group of people who has and share things in common. A community may be large or a small population. “According to Stanhope and Lancaster (2016) “A community is defined as a locality-based entity composed of systems of formal organizations reflecting societal institutions, informal groups, and aggregates that are interdependent and whose function or expressed intent is to meet a wide variety of collective needs” (p.230). The World Health Organization (2004) viewed a community as a group of people who lives in a geographical area and often share characteristic of membership; beliefs, values and norms.
Summary of Findings The community at large covered a land area of 3,531,905.43 square miles in 2010 (United State
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One college center of Jacksonville Community colleges; The North Campus. Educational level is estimated at 86.7% High school graduate or higher, percent of persons’ age 25 years+, 2011-2015 and less than 30% of Bachelor 's degree or higher. In addition to this, there are manufacturing industries and many hotel structures, The Jacksonville international Airport and Jacksonville Sea Port are located in this community.
Community health centers were evenly distributed. These clinics have access for disabled and have well signage of health practice. There were more primary care providers, dental health providers and not rehab or mental health offices. Senior Nursing Facilities and rehabilitation centers. One Social Security Office, No Department of Health Facility, Department of Motor Vehicle and less police offices were seen in this community. Most of it all, there was no Fire Rescue Station in this area throughout the windshield survey.
Community Strengths The community is experiencing increasing expansion of infrustrature and population. For example, According USCB population grew from 321,418,820 to 323,127,513. Housing saw a growth from 131,704,730 in 2010 to 134,789,944 in 2015 in a one-year and five-year period respectively. Population growth, alongside with infrustrature bring development (USCB, 2016). A large working class families promote increasing demand which leads to economic growth in all aspects of a community. North Jacksonville is
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