A Community Mental Health Team For My First Placement

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I was placed with a community mental health team for my first placement. Throughout my placement I visited those under the CMHT along with qualified professionals. Towards the end of my placement a gentleman who had been receiving support from the CHMT requested a hearing will the hope of being removed from the CTO. Suffering from type 1 Bipolar disorder, the gentleman experienced stages of ‘mania and manic’ episodes. A study in this area reported that ‘people with bipolar I disorder experienced syndromal or subsyndromal manic or hypomanic symptoms approximately 9% of the time over 12 years (Judd et al.,2002a)’. The NICE* Guidelines recognise these presentations of mania through several features, a sense of inflated self-esteem and disinhibition, an example of this is a difference in the person’s presentation, this may cause them to talk excessively fast, pressured speech, or louder than usual. Each of the MDT describes occasions were the adult presented signs of ‘mania’. The managers hearing was arranged to discuss the adults appeal and to act in the best interest of the adult (reference). Prior to the meeting, the physciaric nurse and adult spoke about his thoughts and expected outcome. The adult was deemed to have full capacity at this present time. However, an advocate was used to support the adult in his argument. A framework from the Department of Health (2011) advised that advocacy should be done in accordance with the Mental Capacity Act (2005), safeguarding the
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