A Community Nursing Diagnostic Process: Case Study

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The role of the community health nurse is to take into account contextual variables, especially as they relate to community of origin and community of residence, when treating patients. Ethnic, cultural, religious, and gender variables will all come into play during a community nursing diagnostic process. In this case, the family is also considered within a community nursing framework. M.K. is originally from Russia, although she speaks English. She is a smoker and a newly diagnosed diabetic who has also been diagnosed with non-Hodgkin's Lymphoma. L.K. is M.K.'s 21 yr. old daughter who has no job, smokes in the apartment with her mom, and also has a 1 yr. old son. L.K's highest level of education is high school. Neither L.K's father, nor the baby's father, is around. The family lives together in a one bedroom apartment in Brooklyn, New York. The role of the community health nurse includes evaluating the resources, which are located within the community and readily available to the client. Because the client MK speaks English, she can avail herself of both Russian and English resources. As Meadows (2009) points out, the community nurse also intervenes on behalf of the child. In this case, the child is being raised in a one bedroom house in which two smokers live. "Children's health and well-being are still threatened by preventable diseases, environmental toxins, violence, accidents, and injuries," (Meadows, 2009, p. 19). Therefore, the community nurse takes into account
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