A Company Review Of Domino 's Will Be Presented

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Introduction A company review of Domino’s will be presented first to give a brief idea about what is the company doing for business and what’s the target. It is essential to know it because it can help to know if the company has the right strategy and if it might be profitable.
Then I will have an industry review because the profit of the market can explain more of the differences in the large companies than growth in market share do. A company can still grow despite losing share and take moderate risk of retaliation if it gain market share in fast-growing market. (Koller, 2010:62) So I need to know whether the overall environment for pizza is positive and improving (for example, if there’s an improving economy with less discounting) After that, I will present the financial position of the company by analysing its revenue, net operating profit less adjusted taxes(NOPLAT), invested capital and free cash flow, return on investd capital (ROIC) and other ratios. Some fundamental analysis such as its growth trend, capitalised operating lease will also be included. Last I will try to point out the risks of the firm and also some recommendations to the managers.

Company overview Domino’s Pizza Group plc is a leading company in the fast-developing pizza delivery industry .Except its own stores, it has the exclusive master franchise Domino’s Pizza stores in the UK, Republic of Ireland, Germany, Switzerland, Liechtenstein and Luxembourg. The firm was founded

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