A Comparative Analysis: British and Chinese Clothing Concepts

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A Comparative Analysis: British and Chinese Clothing Concepts
1.0 Introduction
1.1. Background Information
The importance of dressing and fashion has been a subject in many societies especially the relation between clothing and the shape of both national and social setups of these societies (Crane, 2000). Many academicians, writers and authors have adopted the use of dressing in their literary works to reveal the differences in physical environments, social structures, racial relations, religious movements and political associations. More significantly, wearing clothes has been pointed out as a show of identity by an individual or a group of individuals belonging to the same ideological group. While many academicians have used
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Every society in the world has got its own clothing concepts that form part of its unique culture. Going by the fact that the Chinese and British societies exhibit completely different cultural practices it is only wise to argue that their clothing concepts are significantly different. Even so, it is also imperative to point out that during the ancient times, both Chinese and British attached great emphasis on their clothing designs perhaps this is because of the core role that clothes play in human lives (British Costume, 2011; Hua, 2011).
In what can be interpreted as the normal changes in beliefs and values at the social arena, these designs have undergone significant changes. For instance, Chinese clothing has moved from the ancient times two-piece outfit to one-piece and then to the tiny outfits that characterize contemporary Chinese clothing concept (Hua, 2011, p.12). Similarly, this trend is also present in the British clothing concept with a significant clothing design shift from the large long-sleeved gowns to the tiny outfits that characterize the contemporary British clothing concept (British Costume, 2011).
This study therefore attempts to longitudinally analyze the history of both Chinese and British clothing concepts with much emphasize given to the differences that have been experienced in these two contrasting clothing concepts. To this end, the study will review the existing relevant literature
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