A Comparative Analysis Of Bill Mckibben's Waste Not, Want Not

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A Comparative Analysis of Bill McKibben’s "Waste Not, Want Not" and Derrick Jensen’s "Forget Shorter Showers"
Our world is wasting valuable resources left and right, as addressed in both essays “Waste Not, Want Not”” by Bill McKibbens, and “Forget Shorter Showers” by Derrick Jensen. In “Waste Not, Want Not”” Bill McKibbens focuses on the importance of preserving our recourses. He mentions how wasteful the human race is, and how un-necessary all of the things that cause waste really are. In “Forget Shorter Showers” Derrick Jensen leans more towards the idea that no matter what humans do, they are incapable of wining. Either they lose their opportunity for economical and intellectual growth, or they lose their precious recourses and clean world. Both writers realize that we are wasting recourses, and believe that change is necessary for advancement. While the writers may have similar views, they have different ideas on how to solve the issue, and use different methods of communicating their ideas.
Both writers believe that the world is being overly wasteful. There are many different recycling and nature preserving programs in the world today, but when it comes down to it, too many humans do not care about their world. They would rather live in an advance life with cars, electricity, bottled water, air conditioning, factories, long showers, and shopping bags. In “Waste Not What Not” Bill McKibben brings up the interesting point that it’s “Not just waste, but wasteful”…
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