A Comparative Analysis Of Paul's Father And Son

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.) Paul’s father should not have corrected all of Paul’s mistakes. He should have let Paul receive the consequences of his own actions. Paul’s father often ignored or made Paul’s problems disappear; by doing so, he never found out what the root issues were between his son and society. “The firm of Denny & Carson announced that the boy’s father had refunded the full amount of the theft and that they had no intention of prosecuting” (Cather 98). I am not like Paul, I do not disdain peoples’ wealth nor do I wish, so badly for a different life. I have met people who are very materialistic and live far beyond their finical means. In doing so they create many problems for themselves. As a grade school student I remember one girl in particularly…show more content…
Paul’s father never truly knew or understood his son. He was probably shocked and in a great amount of disbelief. Charley Edwards, was probably heart-broken. He did not want to give up the “friendship” or whatever type of relationship they had. “…Charley Edwards remorsefully promised the boy’s father not to see him again” (Cather 94). 3.) Paul’s dark secret is that he is a homosexual, or that he has wanted to kill himself for some time. “Yet somehow he was not afraid of anything, was absolutely calm; perhaps because he had looked into the dark corner at last and knew. It was bad enough, what he saw there, but somehow not so bad as his long fear of it had been” (Cather 99). I believe the secret is more powerful left unknown. The unknown keeps the readers’ attention until the bitter end of the short story and makes you analyze the story. 4.) Paul was easily willing to cut ties with his family, because he never felt like he belonged, or fit in with them. He felt alone and humiliated in his home town. In New York, he felt himself for the first time. He felt free to be who he was without judgement. “Everything was quite perfect; he was exactly the kind of boy he had always wanted to be” (Cather 96). “He felt now that his surroundings explained him. Nobody questioned the purple, he had only to wear it passively” (Cather…show more content…
Even, today in a society were much is accepted, we will all feel lonely and left out at one point, or another in our life. If not dealt with properly the feelings of loneliness can be very dangerous. As well, the theme suicide is still very relevant in today society. Lastly, the theme of materialism grasp at all of us especially those in industrialized countries. “Paul wondered that there were honest men in the world at all. This was what all the world was fighting for, he reflected; this was what all the struggle was about” (Cather

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