A Comparative Analysis Of Red Reiner's A Few Good Men

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Painful Power A Comparative analysis of Red Reiner’s A Few Good Men
It is interesting to see human behavior when put into a difficult situation that may force them to harm others when they do not want to, but will anyways. It is human nature to always do what is best for themselves and their safety, but people tend to harm others when they can shift the blame off themselves for causing them harm. As for example the milgram experiment is a great example showing people will cause harm under given command. This is not true for everyone, but for most people it is. People will harm others, but kept telling the instructor that they want to stop. The instructor told them they must keep on going, the first response would be I do not want to blamed for hurting the person, soon as instructor took the responsibility then the they would continue to cause pain. A movie that takes a closer look into this situation is A Few Good Men directed by Red Reiner. Some of the main actors were Tom Cruise who played Lt. Daniel Kaffee and is a lawyer that is defending the marines in a murder case, Jack Nicholson who played Col. Nathan R. Jessup is the leader of marines stationed in Guantanamo Bay, Demi Moore who played LT. Cdr. Joanne Galloway is part of the team with Kaffee to defend marnie in the murder case, James Marshall who played Pfc. Louden Downey is the marine who is trialed for murder and disorderly conduct. To quick run over the movie, it was about two marines officers who gave another

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