A Comparative Analysis of American and Kenyan Cultures

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Sex and Marriage, Money and Success: A Comparative Analysis of American and Kenyan Cultures In the history of human societies, geographic differences are considered to be a factor that led to different lifestyles, values and beliefs that prevailed and have been the distinct characteristic of specific societies in the world today. From a broader viewpoint, it can be said that Asian cultures differ from North American, European, South American, and African cultures. However, it can also be said that there are similarities between North American, European, and African cultures, in the same way that Asian, South American, and again, African cultures share specific values and beliefs. These similarities and differences demonstrate that we are different from each other in so many ways, but we also have similarities that link each individual with another, and ultimately, that we are interdependent with each other. This paper discusses in detail the differences between two cultures that seem to have different histories and heritage, but are, in specific ways, similar to each other as well. These cultures are the American and Kenyan cultures, and their point of comparison and contrast would be on the issues of money and success and sex and marriage. The discussion that follows posits that American values about sex are more liberal because of they are more 'freely expressed' than in Kenyan culture; however, Kenyan views on marriage are considered more liberal in that they subsist to

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