A Comparative Analysis of Facebook and Twitter

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COMPARISON OF FACEBOOK AND TWITTER Facebook is one of the most popular forms of contemporary social media. It allows users to create profiles that include picture albums, Internet links, music files, and it provides a medium for users to maintain and expand their social network. Originally designed for college students, Facebook has now evolved into a medium through which people of all ages search for acquaintances and socialize; it has even become a format used by businesses and other types of organizations to maintain an online presence for promotional purposes. Some of the more recent converts to Facebook include older retired people who were not previously considered to be avid users of computers in general, or of social media, in particular. Facebook also provides a function called a "wall" which is a way for people to leave comments that are publicly viewable to others on the Facebook pages of their friends. It also allows users to send and receive messages that are private and only viewable by their intended recipients. One of the most innovative features of Facebook is the fact that it allows all of the people connected as friends of a user to see and make contact with all of the people that person has "friended." Generally, Facebook users can be contacted by strangers and request to add them as friends to the person's Facebook page. Those requests can be accepted or denied and Facebook pages can be set so that the details of profiles are publicly viewable to
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