A Comparative Analysis of Julius Caesar and Augustus

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Comparing Julius Caesar with Augustus Introduction. This paper offers background into the life and times of Julius Caesar and Augustus. It also compares and contrasts the two men's positions and accomplishments in the Roman Empire. Julius Caesar According to journalist N.S. Gill, writing in the New York Times affiliate publication, About.com, Julius Caesar was perhaps "…the greatest man of all times." He was a general, a statesman, and he was adroit at mathematics; also he was a "lawgiver, an orator," and "…he never lost a war" (Gill, 2009). His life by the age of 39 and 40 had taken many turns. He had been a widower, had been divorced, had been the governor (proprietor) of Further Spain, he had been "…captured by pirates, hailed…by adoring troops," had been a consul and had been named to "an important priesthood" and elected "pontifex maxius" which was "a lifelong honor which is usually reserved for the end of a man's career" (Gill, p. 1). Gill continues by explaining that at the dawn of the Roman Republic, Romans were mostly farmers, but "…between the fall of monarchy and the rise of Julius Caesar, Rome changed dramatically." The first step for Rome under Julius Caesar was to "master Italy," and from there Rome went after the whole Mediterranean region, taking it away from the Carthaginian regime. After putting together a naval fighting force, Rome indeed conquered the Mediterranean region, but in the process the culture changed and much of the real work

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