A Comparative Analysis of the Current Economic Situation of the United States and the Situation Five Years Ago

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The data on unemployment rates and that of the inflation rate were extracted from the bureau of labor statistics. The data on personal saving rates were extracted from the bureau of economic analysis. The data on the rate of mortgage were extracted from the Federal Reserve board. The information on the table illustrates the economic trend of the United States.
There has been a rise in the unemployment rate from 5% in 2008 to 8.2% in 2012. This shows that the economy of the country is not healthy (Heertje & Perlman, 2010). As it implies that industries are either unwilling to employ, or the power of the economy to absorb the existing workforce is low. The inflation rate has been declining over the past five years. The decline in inflation and increase, in unemployment, suggest that poor performance in an economy (Heertje & Perlman, 2010). Comparing with five years ago there is a high expansion of capital market in the united state than the general economic growth.
Two strategies that the federal government implements…
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