A Comparative Analysis of the Sales and Distribution of Automobiles and Jewelry

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Distribution Channels The author of this response is asked to compare and contrast how products are distributed subsequent to manufacture so that they can be prepared for sale to the end-consumer or the intermediary that will actually be selling the product. The author, as directed by the assignment, will be comparing the sales of automobiles and the sale of jewelry and how the distribution and overall sales strategies of those two product offerings differ greatly. In several ways, the distribution strategies of these two types of items are similar but they are also very different in many ways. Similarities between Automobiles & Jewelry The first major similarity between automobiles and jewelry is that both items can range from several hundred to several thousand all the way into the thousands, hundreds of thousands or even millions. Many pieces of sterling silver and other less valuable jewelry, costume jewelry in particular, can be bought quite cheaply while some jewelry can cost more than a million per piece or even for a single stone like a large diamond. Similarly, automobiles can range in price from several hundred dollars to more than a million depending on the age, features, brand and the demand for the item. Specific brand examples of the above would be easy to spot. A car from the 1970's or 1980's, provided it's worth anything, would probably only fetch a few hundred dollars at most unless it's an antique or a car that is otherwise deemed more valuable like a

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