A Comparative Essay on the Original Creation of the Earth

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Creation is slowly becoming a taboo topic in our current society and the “Big Bang Theory” seems to be the trending theory of the century. What is the difference though? The Catholic Church, in 1950, proclaimed that the “Big Bang Theory” did not contradict the doctrine of creation; therefore, the Catholic Church now teaches something called Theistic Evolutionism. (Brom, 2004) Are many churches teaching a false doctrine regarding the “Big Bang Theory” or is science exempt from biblical doctrine? This essay will explain what the “Big Bang Theory” teaches, what biblical creation teaches and how the relationship that the two have. First, let us look at the “Big Bang Theory.”
The Big Bang Theory Many people believe that the “Big Bang Theory” was first introduced when Darwin introduced his theory of evolution; however, this view is incorrect. The “Big Bang Theory” is actually less than 100 years old! In 1929, Edwin Hubble discovered that the Universe is expanding at an accelerated rate and asseverated that the Universe must have been extremely close together at one time. (NASA, 2014) Edwin Hubble speculated that the universe must have come from an “infinitesimal volume with extremely high density and temperature.” (Takashi, 2000) This new theory, that the Universe was constantly expanding, caused scientist to speculate why and how the Universe was expanding. In the 1960’s and 1970’s, scientist declared that they could confirm George Gamow’s theory that the “big bang
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