A Comparative Study Between Islamic Law And Srilankan Muslim Law

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Matrimonial rights of women’s under Islamic law (sharia law) (A comparative analyze between Islamic law and srilankan Muslim law) Introduction to the Islamic law
Islamic law is a very great jurisprudence worldwide, Islamic law is defined as the law according to the Muslim faith and as interpreted from the Quran also known as Sharia law. The sacred law of Islam is an all-embracing body of religious duties, the totality of Allah 's commands that regulate the life of every Muslim in all its aspects. Important feature of Muslim law is the fact that there is no clear separation of Mosque (is a place of worship for followers of Islam) and state. Under Islamic law, the religion of Islam and the government are one. Islamic law is controlled, ruled and regulated by the Islamic religion; a theocracy. Islamic law purports to regulate all public and private behavior including personal hygiene, diet, sexual conduct, and child rearing. Islamic law now prevails in countries all over the Middle East and elsewhere covering 20 per cent of the world 's population. Despite its relative inflexibility, in some ways, Islamic law is superior to other systems of law, such as the preference given to arbitration in civil disputes. Islamic law composed of following elements

* Sharia:
* Quran
* Sunnah of Prophet Muhammad (generally known as Hadith) * Sunnah, literally means path.
* The Sunnah of Prophet Muhammad consists of his sayings, actions, approval and disapprovals. * žFiqh:
* Collection of

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