A Comparative Study Of Classroom Teachers ' Perceptions Towards Inclusion

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Research Article Selected:
A comparative study of classroom teachers’ perceptions towards inclusion. by K.H. Pritchard (2014).

Summary of Article:
Literature review
The basis of this article is to evaluate the characteristics that impact teacher’s perceptions of inclusion in the classroom. There is a general consensus that the single most important predictor of successful inclusion is the attitude of the general education teacher (Golmic & Hansen, 2012). The study surveyed both elementary and secondary teachers to determine if there was a difference in perception when it came to teaching students with special needs in their general education classroom. The study looked at several different factors including but not limited to teacher gender, years of teaching experience, personal experience with disabilities, and past experience with inclusion. This study recognizes that there is a diverse range of learning styles and ability levels in every classroom regardless of the needs of a student with a disability; that each student comes into the classroom with their own needs and outside influences. Pritchard states that in order for students to make gains, there must be quality instruction. Instruction that is weak or lacks extensive planning and thought is wrought with failure (Pritchard, 2014). Educators deserve the opportunity to acquire teaching techniques that have both depth and breadth.

Design/methodology: A quantitative research methodology was used to examine…
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