A Comparative Study On The Film ' The Minority ' Movie '

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The Minority Report movie is about a dubious yet powerful Pre-Crime program utilizes psychic visions to imprison potential killers before they have acted. The film is worried with the blemishes and disappointments of equity and science against the background of wrongful conviction, mass imprisonment, DNA innovation and preventive detainment actually warehousing criminals on the guise of future risky conduct. While a pre crime unit that tries individuals in light of violations they have not yet dedicated may require some far away and unimaginable innovation, pre emotive policing obviously as of now exists. Truth be told, computer calculations, which mine beginning and end from criminal information to climate examples, are as of now being…show more content…
The classical theories also argue that human beings are self-seeking and self-interested. Also, human beings have free will and the capacity to reason. John Anderton is fully aware of what considers as a crime and the definition of being a criminal, but he still tends to commit a crime and kill a human being. He also uses illegal drugs and he is obsessing with his past. He uses his reason and what he does is a matter of individual choice. The intellectual shift is the extension of the focus on science from the classical model. It is about understanding the world and making progress by changing it. Based on the ideas of positivism, there is distinction between the normal and the deviant and the deviant behaviour is determined on factors outside the control of an individual. It focuses on the characteristic off the offender and not the act. There are two types of positivism, biological and psychological. The psychological positivism focuses on psychological explanations for crime. It argues that criminals are made and not born. By psychological positivism, becoming a criminal and committing a crime is nature plus nurture. John Anderton character falls under psychological positivism as well. He loses his young son and then he gets separated from his wife. He experiences a very hard time which leads him using illegal drugs. He cannot get over his past and his lives in darkness. These are the psychological explanations about his crime. He
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