A Comparative Study: Recruitment Process Outsourcing and in House Recruitment

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Recruitment is an important part of an organization’s human resource planning and their competitive strength. Competent human resources at the right positions in the organization are a vital resource and can be a core competency or a strategic advantage for it. The objective of the recruitment process is to obtain the number and quality of employees in order to help the organization to achieve its goals and objectives. With the same objective, recruitment helps to create a pool of prospective employees for the organization so that the management can select the right candidate for the right job from this pool.

According to Edwin B. Flippo, “Recruitment is
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 Uncertain Response: he candidates from outside may not be suitable for the enterprise. There is no guarantee that the enterprise will be able to attract right kind of people from external sources.
Recruitment process

Recruitment process involves a systematic procedure from sourcing the candidates to arranging and conducting the interviews. A general recruitment process is as follows:
1. Identify vacancy
2. Prepare job description and person specification
3. Advertising the vacancy
4. Managing the response
5. Short-listing
6. Arrange interviews
7. Conducting interview and decision making

The recruitment process is immediately followed by the selection process i.e. the final interviews and the decision making, conveying the decision and the appointment formalities.The procedure of selection varies from organization to origination. The number of steps in the procedure and the sequence of steps also vary. Every organization designs a selection procedure that suits its requirements. However the main steps or stages that could be incorporated in the selection procedure are as under.

Unfavorable personal data

Unfavorable general

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