A Comparative Study between Pennsylvania and Florida

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A comparison study between Pennsylvania and Florida on the qualifications and selection process of judges. Critics of the PA system have criticized it for omitting the merit selection process from its system when selecting appellate judges. Merit selection that is incorporated in most other states takes into account the candidate's character, skills, and experience too, so that the candidate is actually qualified for the position. After having been voted in on a Merit Selection process, and after four years on eh job, the judge again appears before the public in another Merit Selection trial. The public once again decides whether the judge should stand another term. The decision is based on his performance. If the judge is retained, he or she is retained for a ten-year tenure, after which another Merit trial is held again should the judge wish to return. This process is not conducted in PA, and PA, in fact, is criticized for focusing too heavily on influence and affluence and being swayed by these in their process of picking judges. The money for the judicial campaigns comes from lawyers, law firms, and other organizations that appear and are represented in eh state courts making a prospective judge biased to certain individuals and warping his judgment before any case has even been effectuated. Critics, therefore, claim eh system to be intrinsically corrupt and inherently unfair where external matters such as cultural factors, socio-economic influences, gender and so
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