A Comparative Study of Mergers and Acquisitions Within the Eu Aviation Sector: a Case Study of British Airways and Iberia.

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A Comparative Study of Mergers and Acquisitions within the EU Aviation Sector: A Case study of British Airways and Iberia. Key words: Mergers and Acquisitions, Aviation Sector, EU, Network Carriers, Strategies. Aims of Research: The Aim of this research is to address the following issues: 1) What are the main motives for engaging in Merger and Acquisition activity for Aviation Market? Did they reach their goals? 2) What are the consequences of Airlines Company’s merger and acquisition? How did this activity affect the companies?’ Section 1: Background: Mergers and Acquisitions (M&A) in aviation markets are quiet a hot topic in the industry, most recently as a result of increasing cost pressures and market…show more content…
In case of M&A, an event study quantifies the relationship between M&A and returns on stock (Park at al 2004). For the method the excess return that accrues from M&A is evaluated. The cumulative excess return is better to be used as “it captures the total firm-specific stock movement for an entire when the market might be responding to new information” (Park et al., 2002, p.59). Strength of the Model is that it is a direct measure of value created for investors. Section 5: Resources and Planning The Phases in which I will carry out my research are stated below and will be almost 180 hours and additional cost of £500: * Preparation * literature review * Strategy and research method selection – Case Study and interviews * Structure the framework * Case Study selections and Financial Report collection. * Questionnaires setting for Interviews. * Data Collection * Conducting interviews. * Analysis of Financial Report. * Finally Reporting * Findings analysis * Update of Literature. * Conclusion * Final report Section 6: Ethics The proposed research will be carried in accordance to the current practice of the research ethics. Below are the content analysis of the ethical principles of nine
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