A Comparative Study of the National Curriculum for Physical Education in Australia and England

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Physical education has yet to become an established and important feature in Australian and English school programs. At one level physical education has enjoyed considerable political support, acquired support from athletes and secured a place on Australia and England's national curriculum. However on another level physical education has been the subject of crisis meetings in Australia, on the verge of being wiped out in later secondary school education in England and had numerous reviews. So why is physical education important? The major factor being the increasing rise in obesity, but also children appear to have less knowledge of physical skill, lack fitness and are very inactive is a few reasons why physical education needs remain in…show more content…
Drawing on past and present literature an analysis and comparison of the two countries will hopefully draw some conclusions on the developments needed in physical education, but will also draw on the positive aspects as well. Time Allocation in Australia Physical Education (PE) has been compulsory in the Australian national curriculum since 1946. Its purpose and name has changed on several occasions, starting off as PE, then changing to Sport Education, to Health, and now Health and Physical Education (HPE). Australia's curriculum is organized into states like the American curriculum and each state is responsible for its policy and operation of PE. However the Australian government have stated that children from ages 5-18 while at school must undertake some compulsory PE. It is considered that children should undertake overall 200 minutes of physical education, 100 minutes of active sport and 100 minutes of PE in secondary school. However this has seen not to be the case as the ACHPER Fitness survey of 1987 found that in the schools surveyed an average of 116 minutes a week was being allocated to PE. Researchers believe a minimum of 3 lessons of skill learning each 45 minutes long and 3 fitness sessions a week each 30 minutes should be allocated to HPE, and this being the absolute minimum (htpp://web.ceo.adl.catholic.ed.au cited 10/01/2005). However Moore 1994 feels
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