A Comparative and Contrasting Essay on 20th Century Black Political Leaders: Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. and Malcolm X

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A Comparative and Contrasting Essay on 20th Century Black Political Leaders:
Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. And Malcolm X This essay will discuss Martin Luther King’s integration and assimilation in addition to Malcolm X’s separatism and Black Nationalism. Through Manning Marable’s assessment I will demonstrate that the ideological belief of Martin Luther King’s integration is a favourable representative of 20th century Black politics. The Civil Rights Movement symbolized the challenge and opposition to the racial injustices and segregation which had been engrained in American society for hundreds of years. Events that took place in the 1950s and 1960s, such as the Montgomery Bus Boycott, the March on Washington, sit-ins, speeches and
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If the UN were to have put their hands in the Civil Rights Movement then blacks would have had a stronger case as the support of the UN would have created embarrassment for the American government. Another solution that Malcolm X proposed was the need for the re-education of black communities in the science of politics “we must understand the politics of our community. And we must know what politics is supposed to produce. We must know what part politics play in our lives...then whenever we get ready to cast our ballot, that ballot will be cast for a man of the community.” (Gates & McKay, 1997, p.91) . If more blacks were to be educated in politics then black communities would be less likely to accept any part of segregation. Malcolm X had sensible analysis and solutions for the black problem but he needed the conservative side of Dr. King to dispel the view that black people are a bunch of hoodlums who would do anything for change. Dr. King’s philosophy imparted the view that black people were able to stand up for what they believed in without having to employ the use of violence to reach the end goal. Malcolm X argues that one reason why blacks are poorer is because they don't know where to spend their money. He states, “We have to educate our people into knowing that anytime you spend your
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