A Comparison Between A Public High School and a Private High School

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For my field work project, I chose to do an observation of a public high school and a private high school. The schools I decided to observe were County Public High School and The Pickard School, both of which are located in demographically similar neighborhoods. The purpose for choosing two schools with similar characteristics was to have schools with equal social and economical factors encompassing them. This, I felt would make my findings unbiased within the scope of the project. My rationale for choosing this was to comparatively analyze the differences and similarities between both of the schools, and also to see just how true the stereotype is that private schools are better than public schools. My first visit was to the Pickard …show more content…
She said "you can pick any student randomly when the bell rings and I or any other staff member could tell you who they are, what grade they are in, what their family life is like, what their strong qualities are as well as what their week qualities are and how well their grades are. " Because of the abundance of students in public schools, this type of control is virtually impossible. This particular type of control to me also allows for a holistic approach to education which I will later discuss. She also explained that in her school there is more control over the lesson plans than there are in public school. For instance, if there is something major going on in the media that they feel is important, the teacher will discuss it with the class. The teacher has more freedom to deviate from the planned lesson. In a public school teachers are not given this type of freedom because their curriculum is regimented. Another important area of regulation, one which I never thought of before was the control of hiring and firing teachers. If a teacher is not doing that great of a job and is not getting through to the students, they let the teacher go. This is not as easy to accomplish in public schools. The teachers in this school are also given performance-related raises unlike public school where their are standard salaries for teachers at certain levels. Performance is not valued in the public-school pay scale she explained. I found this to be very interesting, because

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