A Comparison Between Computer Programming And Java

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A Comparison Between Computer Programming: Java and C++ in games industry 1.Introduction I chose this topic because these languages are a relationship between programmers and computer without those languages can 't use the computer. Moreover, considered one of the models that I will study in September at Swansea University. This is why I find this topic so interesting as it given a lot of detailed information about two programming c++ and java in uses and its founders to explain how they became so successful and why their programs are so brilliant. I admire the genius of these successful two programs. Also, as a Mathematics and Computing for Finance student I feel that I could learn so much from them. So, I shall keep a very close eye on their research and their result. The purpose of the programming languages as Coded language to write information by programmers that a computer could understand to do what the programmer wants. A computer language is used binary ( '1 ' and '0 ') code as call the machine language that a computer can execute instructions quickly without any translator or interpreter program, but is complicated. The high level languages such as C++ and java are very simpler for use, but it need to another program to transfer a high-level code into a computer language, for this are slower. There are many of programming languages are being always developed. The Advanced

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