Essay on A Comparison Between Native Son and The Blacker

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Parallels Between Native Son and The Blacker

In African Literature these two names Wallace Thurman and Richard Wright have contributed some of the most famous fictional works depicting Black culture in America. Since the two authors come from the same time period they share the experience of what it is like to be apart of the black race in America and depict it in separate but common ways. Both writers created works in the first half of the twentieth century that will be marked as some of the century's most prolific novels. Coming from different periods, Thurman the Harlem Renaissance and Wright the Chicago Renaissance of the African-American Culture movement. The two authors have some differences in their works but that
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Throughout the book Thurman makes several references as to how the prejudice thoughts can affect how Emma Lou is treated but it also affects how she sees people too. Self-actualization appears at the end of the story to be what Emma has been searching for all along but, like the reader, she does not notice it until its there.

In Richard Wright's Native Son Bigger Thomas, the protagonist, is a young man in his late teens living with his mom, sister, and brother in a one-bedroom rat infested apartment in Chicago. Throughout the book it becomes evident that Wright is using this book as a form of protest against the Status Quo which is the oppressive white society. With the creation of the character Jan, the white upper class and communist party are represented. Jan tries to explain that communism would be better for "Your People" and that everyone would be treated equally in the Marxist society. Jan is just one of the characters in the book who thinks he knows Bigger, based on the color of his skin. It is at this time where Bigger becomes further confused and unfortunately stays this way all the way until the very end of the book. Through the use of

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