A Comparison Of Aladdin And The Magical Lamp

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Comparison of Aladdin For many children growing up in the 21st century Disney fairy tales films are their first introduction to these stories, some of which came hundreds of years before the film versions that are produced by Disney. The case was no different for me with Aladdin, a story that originated in the 18th century but was first introduced to many children today via the 1992 Disney film. The original text version was created by a french translator, who was translating The Book of One Thousand and One Nights. Both stories share similar plotlines and origins, yet they differ tremendously when compared to one another. Since both versions were written in different centuries it is not surprising that both stories display such…show more content…
The most prevalent theme within the film was struggle between freedom and conformity. Several of the main characters in this film are trying to live a life of freedom, without having to be confined to a particular way of life. For instance, Aladdin is trying to escape from his current life circumstances, Jasmine is trying to escape her father, and the genie is also trying to escape his confinement to the genie bottle. Furthermore, the film also features a theme of Society and class which is displayed throughout various instances within the film. For instance, a poor Aladin must wish for riches to meet Jasmine however wealth alone was not enough for her alone. In comparison, both the text and the film share a majority of the same themes. Literary Merits are always a subject of debate in the World of Literature, and this is no different in the case of Aladdin and the Magical Lamp. The story is quite enthralling with many drastic turn of events occurring throughout the plot that keep the readers in suspense for what will occur next. However, the plot of the story is not as didactic as many allegorical fairy tales that teach morals throughout their stories. For instance, Aladdin is only able to attain his “happy ending” by wishing his way to the elite class rather than working his way up. This gives the message that status and wealth are inherently intertwined, which is a lackluster
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