A Comparison Of Alternative Energy Sources

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Amjed Hallak
Dr. Johnson
E110/Period 5
4 February 2015
A Comparison of Alternative Energy Sources:
The Need for a Change Energy is everywhere. Energy makes your car move, powers your electronic devices, and makes a bulb give off light. Where does almost all of this energy come from? Currently, fossil fuels are used to provide for 82% of the United States’ energy demand (Bradley et al.). The world is powered heavily upon a highly limited source known as fossil fuels. The world’s main sources of these fuels are being heavily deprived of. What will happen once these deposits become fully deprived of oil? The world will fall into turmoil unless we switch to an alternative source of energy as soon as possible. Alternative sources of energy are typically more expensive, although the resources are more reliable and green. Along with reliability, with modern advancements in technology, those alternative energy sources have the potential to take over the need for fossil fuels and become far less expensive to harness and utilize. The utilization of these alternative energy sources would not only fix the issues regarding the Middle East and having to rely on their harnessing of oil, but also many modern economic problems that are caused by this need for oil from the Middle East. What exactly is oil? Pure extracted oil is known as crude oil, which is a mixture of liquid hydrocarbons. The crude oil is then processed through the breaking of those hydrocarbon particles into
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