A Comparison Of Dead Man Walking And Dead Man Walking

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“We spend our whole life trying to stop death. Eating, inventing, loving, praying, fighting, killing. But what do we really know about death? Just that nobody comes back. Maybe death is a gift.” says David, in the movie the life of David Gale. Dead Man Walking and The Life of David Gale are two movies like a very alike yet very different. These movies are both great movies in their own way. The Life of David Gale and Dead Man Walking have an abundant amount of similarities and numerous differences. The movies Dead Man Walking is a 1995 American crime drama film starring Susan Sarandon and Sean Penn, and co-produced and directed by Tim Robbins. Matthew Poncelet the main character is arrogant, sexist, and racist. Poncelet is on death…show more content…
Bitsey is trying to save David Gale’s life, and Sister Helen is trying to save Matthew Poncelet’s soul. She is trying to save is soul by bringing God into his life and having him read the bible more so he can become more of a holy person, and when he did bring that holiness into his life Sister Helen said to him “You are a son of God.” which meant a lot to Matthew. Throughout most of Matthew's life he was always a cold man and didn’t care much about anyone or anything, so Sister Helen tried to change that. This is so important and significant because is shows how heart warming and what good people Bitsy and Sister Helen are because they want to help both these people out even though they believe that they both have committed a crime. One difference between Bitsey and Sister Helen is that Bitsy was a journalist reporter and Sister Helen was a Nun. Bitsey was a great journalist and was known for keeping secrets and protecting her sources. David has carefully selected her to come to Texas for four days before his schedule execution for the murder of Constance Hallaway, for three days of interviews, each lasted two hours. Sister Helen was looked up to as a nun and helped young kids out. She was a very holy and religious person and believed that she could help Matthew so she could save his soul and make him a holy person as well before he was executed. This is so significant because both Sister Helen and Bitsey
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