A Comparison Of Determinism And Free Will Theory

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Magd Al Harbi A Comparison of Determinism & Free Will Theory Kent State University Introduction One aspect of human existence that I think is particularly interesting is the extent of control of which we have over the decisions we make. In life, there are many decisions to be made, from simple ones that seem almost subconscious to complex decisions that can take days to ponder on. There are decisions that we make that directly affect others, indirectly affect others, and decisions that we believe do not affect others, or even ourselves, at all. There are decisions that we believe do not matter and would have no impact on our existence. Two theories that shed some light on these aspects are the theory of determinism from…show more content…
By “pleasurable”, Hume means a sensation that simply makes us feel good. An assertion such as this brings forth the reason behind Hume’s theory that humans are bound by determinism—firstly, we are born to naturally make decisions based on the most pleasurable outcome, which is not something we can control, therefore, it is a pre-determined characteristic of humans (Hume, 2006, p. 76). Secondly, Hume argues that the feelings we receive regarding things are determined mostly by elements out of our control. Therefore almost every sensation and feeling we incur is not made by that of our own volition but by a combination of countless ideas and impressions that have occurred in our life that we are not able to scrutinize or comprehend fully because there are far too many to analyze. Thirdly, Hume integrates the complexity of social norms into his theory as well. Depending on the situation, gaining social approbation from the community can cause more pleasure for someone than acting out of a selfish motive, due to the social disapproval making a decision could present (Hume, 2006, p. 10). For example, upon studying this theory, I found myself thinking about a time in which I was working on a project with a group and felt like skipping one of our group meetings because I was exhausted from work and
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