A Comparison Of Hitler And Adolf Hitler

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Somewhere out there someone is devouring a big, succulent steak right now not thinking a thing about where it came from or why it tastes so dang good. Well, chances are, it is genetically engineered to have an x percentage of fat or tenderness. Genetic engineering is the altering of an animal’s genome through molecular biology or specific breeding. It’s similar to pure-breeding dogs, if they’re purebred then they are accepted into shows, associations, and they are highly sought after (meaning they can have a ridiculous price tag and people with money to blow will still buy them). This said steak and those purebred dogs are a lot like Adolf Hitler’s “superior race.” Hitler was trying to modify Germany’s population to be blond haired and blue eyed by killing off everyone who didn’t fit his barbaric expectations-- which is what any sane person would do, right? Hitler was not the only world leader to inflict such pain on his people: Joseph Stalin was right there with him. Hitler’s rise to power happened several years before Stalin’s, but that does not make Stalin’s destruction any less painful. Adolf Hitler and Joseph Stalin are similar in the devastation they caused; however, they are different in the way they came to power and how they each were raised. Hitler and Stalin both caused some of the worst destruction the world has ever seen. Genocide, starvation, mutilation, you name it and, chances are, Hitler or Stalin did it. Adolf Hitler was the leader of Nazi Germany from
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