A Comparison Of Johann Sebastian Bach And George Frideric Handel

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Although numerous composers have shown their musicality from different musical periods, only some of the remarkably talented ones are still remembered and honored. Such composers’ compositions are performed all around the world even today. From the Baroque period, Johann Sebastian Bach and George Frideric Handel are the two most renowned composers. Even though both of their compositions are considered to be well written, they have shown completely different musical styles. Bach composed pieces that are extremely complicated and intense, whereas Handel emphasized simplicity and clearness in his work. Since their approaches in composing music completely differ, it is improper to deduce who is better as they both are successful in their own unique ways. However, audiences in the Baroque period had a strong opinion as to who is more successful. Many musical experts from the Baroque period tend to indicate that Bach should have adopted Handel’s musical styles in order for him to be even more acknowledged as a composer. According to the John Hawkins’s A General History of the Science and Practice of Music, Johann Sebastian Bach was born into a musical family. He was the son of a formal musician, John Ambrose Bach and the younger brother of an organist, John Christopher Bach. From a young age, Johann Sebastian Bach has learned to play Harpsichord and Organ. With these instruments, he started to pursue his career in music as an organist and a chamber musician at many churches.

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