A Comparison Of Malcom X And Malcolm X

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Malcolm X, over the years, was an interesting man, in the terms of his beliefs during the civil rights movements. He believed that black Americans should take matters into their own hands. He changed his views within the first few months of 1964 when he went to Mecca for a pilgrimage. But unlike Malcolm X, Martin Luther was a Baptist -like his father- and believed that desegregation can occur by a non-violent protest and marches during the civil rights movements. Not only did he believed that he also believed that with the combined efforts of blacks and whites desegregation is possible. Within their speeches or written ones, they are similar in context and techniques as well. The contexts of "Letter to Mecca," by Malcolm X and a speech by Martin Luther, "I have a Dream," are similar and different to what they talk about of the solutions and the overall issue. As for techniques, they used the same and even different one from one another. First of all, both of them talked about a similar topic within their speech and letter. The topic is about trying to reach racial equality. In Malcolm X’s “Letter to Mecca,” he wrote that his experience of living and visiting Mecca. He was “utterly speechless and spellbound by the generous (X 1)” that happened to occur around him by “people of color (X 1).” Before he went to Mecca and experienced all of the kind nature of people of color, he had never imagined of the equality of blacks and whites to exist. He continued to write that if this
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